Saturday, February 16, 2019

New Friend

Today, he invited a new friend over to stay for good.

Best friends?


Looking cool!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sneak 1 in

While bwent to sell his games, I went to thsb and asked about the buy any 1 bead to get a foc stone bead. The foc stone beads are those cheapest beads at MYR 89 each so I chose another simple stone bead at MYR 89 so each bead costs MYR 44.50 nett.

Chose the red and green aventurine beads. Tested on the bouncy, confirmed cannot get on it.

Now only I know it is dyed red.

This does not look green but the actual one is almost translucent green and upon close inspection, there is a thin crack.

Sunday, September 9, 2018


At IPC, went to window shop at Je+el and saw 50% off for this and ssays ok to get so got it at MYR79.50 nett (can't see the blue, just white to me but ssays can see a glimmer of blue) and then saw candy bangles on offer with 2 beads and 4 safety beads for MYR 159 to MYR 199 nett.

Those MYR 159 beads are colourful enamel beads in the shape of candies so went for the pave ones at MYR 199 only to know it is only 1 bead and 2 safety beads and the 2 beads and 4 safety beads are for display to attract customers only. Should have known where got so big a kaplah jumping around lolx.  If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

this bouncy bangle and 2 safety beads and I chose pink instead of blue for the two tone pave bead for MYR 199 nett so total buy is MYR 278.50 nett. The TS heart has too small a hole to go onto this bangle cos the hole is like 3mm and this bangle diameter is also 3mm so can't go get onto the bangle.

Can't see two tone, just like all pink. Need to look closely and carefully.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Got 3 not 2 or 1

Instead of 1 or 2, I got 3 (count from the right) at a total of MYR 210 so it is MYR 70 each in average.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Which to buy

- tomorrow is the last day of July 2018 so thought maybe buy 1 from jeoel to add to the collection. Went through 10 pages of 3 per row and 8 rows, I picked out all the ones in a heart shape and those that interest me and ended up with 17 choices. So which 1 should I select and maybe get 2? This is a bit different from the other vendors because here, the silver ones are plated with rhodium.

all 17 are here.

must see because the red is attractive and the bear is cute and no such design at the other vendors.

No because looks like broken heart although it is designed in such a way so that each best friend keep 1 part.

need to check this out because like to eat durian but could this design be bought from toy shops?

No, because don't like box heart design.

will get this if it looks nice although it may be very small.

will ask to see the silver one instead of rose. disqualified because of the glitter cubic zirconia but may still consider if no other choices in this list is suitable.
will check this out too to see if it is cute or not.

Both are no no because of the glitter and don't like lock heart design but may check out the fat heart design.

no because of lock heart design.

check out to see if it is cute or not.

no because it is box heart design.

will check this out to see if the red is nice or not in real life.

No because I did not get pave heart from other vendors.

will check this out to see if it is box or fat heart. 

No to pave heart but may check out the weaved heart.

After going through the list, it looks like there are a few candidates so will I end up with any tomorrow?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

One from each brand

- So happens shu umera for brow shaping is opposite this booth so got interested when told got 5% off if use wtsn card to buy so went to apply a wtsn card for 18d8.
- 443d22 from 498 cos off 6per gst and 5per wtsn cd so total 11per off.
- thought this is from itly but google says no. Just penang under pblc gld mlys
- no silver items sold
- just 18 kay gld in yellow, rose and white so price is higher than trll and pdr
Got this because this is the lowest price fat heart with the word arr at the rim of the middle hole. Lowest price but still the highest price chrm in mn collection even after discount. It does not look like a heart because it is too fat and round.
Showing the description - only the 1st 2 lines fit.

Did not select this though the price is lower and it is a fat heart because no word arr at the rim and the heart is too narrow though is fat fat so it looks more like a sharp face.

Did not select this even though the price is low because it is not a fat heart but a boxy heart and the size is a bit small and each pattern holes in it as too big making less metal used.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

2 for 4

- yesterday read the email about promotion buy 4 get 2 free so ask M on wtps if this promotion is on mv and the answer is yes so drop by today because going pdr as exchg is approved. The plan is to get 4 MYR 149 silver ones only, no glass beads but many were not available so in the end chose MYR 199 x 3 (2 foc) and MYR 239 x 1.
- MYR 438

This fulfills the requirement for a heart theme and 199 price.

This fulfills the requirement for a flower theme and 199 price.

This fulfills the requirement for a heart theme but not the 199 price. Wanted a smooth fat heart so must get this so got to pay 239 for this.

Not pretty but leaves and love fulfills the requirement for a flower (botany) and heart theme and 199 price.