Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stirling 2003

Sept 2003 - A day trip to Stirling from Edinburgh by train.

From the train station I walked to Stirling Tourist Information Centre and then via the Back Walk to Stirling Castle. The blue line in the map below (from website) shows my route to the castle and the green line shows my route back to the Train Station. I walked about a little more than 2km (1.2miles) in total.

Stirling Railway Station back in 2003. I believe it still looks like this today.

This was one of the street I walked through on my way to the tourist information centre.

The statue of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (Member of Parliament for Stirling Burghs and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1905 to 1908). It is located next to the "entrance" of the Back Walk.

The Back Walk - a quiet uphill walk alongside the old Town Wall (on its right).

Close up of the signboard.

I was glad to see a lady walking her dog after a while as it was becoming a bit too quiet for me as  I was the only one walking on this route.

I walked past the Old Town Jail.

Nice view down the street (Old Town Jail is on the right).

Finally, I reached Stirling Castle. View of the castle from the Castle Esplanade.

Entrance to Stirling Castle. I just looked around outside since there was not enough time for me to explore the inside of the castle thoroughly.

But I have just enough time to watch a documentary about Stirling castle in the castle visitor centre below.

View from the Castle Esplanade. The National Wallace Monument can be seen on top of Abbey Craig hill.

Another scenic view from the castle.

A peaceful and quiet street. It must be nice to live here.

Back at the station at 4.15pm. Again, as I was alone, I have no photos of myself in Stirling. Stirling is a very nice place for walks. I would like to visit it again some day with my loved ones.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Smell the roses

I had a lovely surprise one day when I was helping out with the gardening. Please click the photo below to get a closer look. Can you see what I see?

A lovely golden pupa (chrysalis) hanging on one of the leaves. I was careful to leave it as it is. Isn't it beautiful?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Epipremnum aureum

Another 6 months to go and we will be welcoming a new year. Are you hoping that 2013 will come quicker or are you wishing that 2012 will stay longer?

Time waits for no one so do what you want to do today because tomorrow may never come.

Sunshine on my wall