Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy sunshine

I prefer natural light to switching on the lights during daytime so there are a few skylights in my house. Apart from saving electricity, one fun thing about this is, I get different sunlight patterns on my walls and ceilings throughout the year. Here's one of them:

The pattern usually lasts for at most 1 hour before it changes position as the earth rotates on its own tilted axis (I was about to write as the sun rises from the east in the morning and sets in the west but as we are all taught, the position of the sun is fixed, it is the earth that is moving so I corrected myself).

Sometimes when life gets to me, I'll just sit back and observe the sunshine on my wall and I'll be happy again.

Friday, May 18, 2012

First walk

When I was in Hong Kong, I like the convenience of using the Central–Mid-levels escalators and the Central Elevated Walkway to walk from one place to another and wish that such a facility exists back home. So I was very happy when I read that a covered air-conditioned walkway was launched early this year, connecting the Pavilion shopping mall located at the Bukit Bintang road to the KL Convention Centre which is in turn linked to the KLCC shopping mall via an underground walkway.

Last week, I had the opportunity to see for myself what this walkway is like. It took me about 8 mins to walk the whole stretch of 562 meters from Pavilion to KLCC. Unlike Hong Kong, there was no travelators (moving walkway), only escalators for the exits and entrances so after all the window shopping in KLCC, walking back was a bit tiring.

All in all, it was a pleasant walk with security guards along the way to help out with people who are lost and also to make sure that no one is up to any mischief. Below are some photos I took along the walkway.

The green line in the map below is the route of this KLCC - Bukit Bintang Walkway.

The floor plan of Level 3 of the Pavilion shopping mall showing the location of the entrance to the walkway (green box).
Floor plan taken from the website of the Pavilion shopping mall

Entrance to the walkway after exiting the Pavilion shopping mall
Close up photo of the sign above
Escalators - exit to Raja Chulan road
Close-up photo of the sign above
Branch off left to exit to Wisma Cosway and Raja Chulan monorail station
The covered walkway is not connected to the Raja Chulan monorail station. One would have to exit the walkway and stroll under the hot sun to reach that station.

Just keep on walking
Finally reach KLCC

Looking back, up the escalators

Thursday, May 10, 2012


After 1 week of staring at the jigsaw puzzle, I think this may be the answer. All Mickey's friends are playing a musical instrument except for Donald Duck. He is blowing air through a straw into a glass of liquid he is holding in his hands/wings and I can just slightly see the bubbles coming out from the glass. So do you think this is the mistake?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What mistake?

Jennifer's post entitled "I love jigsaw puzzles" jogged my memory that I have a similar jigsaw puzzle (undone) lying somewhere in the house. After searching for a while, I finally found the puzzle that I bought 3 years ago. Without further ado, I started putting the pieces together.

As with the usual practice, I put together the border first. To make it a bit more difficult, I only looked at the picture on the cover of the box once and then proceed to put the pieces together without referring to the picture again.

When I reached this stage, it was getting harder and harder to find the right piece as each small piece contains a variety of colours so without referring to the complete picture, it was difficult to know which piece goes where but yet I persisted to do it without referring to the picture again.

Finally I did it! The key to putting the puzzle together without referring to the picture again is to group the pieces that have roughly the same colours together and then assemble the pieces by their groups.

Maybe I should complete a black and white jigsaw puzzle this way which should be very difficult. Or maybe I should ask my spouse to get me a jigsaw puzzle and let me try putting it together without me knowing what  picture is at all. The latter should be more difficult. But more fun!

For this puzzle, I am supposed to find the mistake but after scrutinising it for hours, I still couldn't figure out what the mistake is. What mistake?!