Friday, May 18, 2012

First walk

When I was in Hong Kong, I like the convenience of using the Central–Mid-levels escalators and the Central Elevated Walkway to walk from one place to another and wish that such a facility exists back home. So I was very happy when I read that a covered air-conditioned walkway was launched early this year, connecting the Pavilion shopping mall located at the Bukit Bintang road to the KL Convention Centre which is in turn linked to the KLCC shopping mall via an underground walkway.

Last week, I had the opportunity to see for myself what this walkway is like. It took me about 8 mins to walk the whole stretch of 562 meters from Pavilion to KLCC. Unlike Hong Kong, there was no travelators (moving walkway), only escalators for the exits and entrances so after all the window shopping in KLCC, walking back was a bit tiring.

All in all, it was a pleasant walk with security guards along the way to help out with people who are lost and also to make sure that no one is up to any mischief. Below are some photos I took along the walkway.

The green line in the map below is the route of this KLCC - Bukit Bintang Walkway.

The floor plan of Level 3 of the Pavilion shopping mall showing the location of the entrance to the walkway (green box).
Floor plan taken from the website of the Pavilion shopping mall

Entrance to the walkway after exiting the Pavilion shopping mall
Close up photo of the sign above
Escalators - exit to Raja Chulan road
Close-up photo of the sign above
Branch off left to exit to Wisma Cosway and Raja Chulan monorail station
The covered walkway is not connected to the Raja Chulan monorail station. One would have to exit the walkway and stroll under the hot sun to reach that station.

Just keep on walking
Finally reach KLCC

Looking back, up the escalators


  1. Looks like a good work-out. :) Gotta love air conditioning too!

  2. Wow, this is new to me. The "walk" is free right? Don't have to pay for entrance fee I hope?

  3. Jamie, it was!

    Hi Elizebeth, yes, it is free, no entrance fee of any sort. It is sponsored by Petronas as part of its social contribution. When you visit KL, you can try it out.