Sunday, April 28, 2013

Passionately green

A big thank you to everyone who left comments and answers for my previous post. The answer is passion fruit.

I did pick one with a diameter of about 4 cm off the vine and waited for it to ripen but it did not. Instead the skin started to become wrinkled so I decided to cut it open and examine its inside. I was not sure whether it was edible or not when it was unripe but I ate it anyway. As expected it was sour since it was unripe.

There are two common types of passion fruit - one that turns purple when it is ripe and the other bright yellow. I will visit the vine regularly to find out which type this one is - that is if I manage to find a ripe fruit on the vine.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


One day, when I went to visit my friend, I saw an old man picking some round (may be a bit oval) green fruits from a climber plant (vine) that was growing on the public fence along the main road opposite my friend's house. He collected a huge bag of the fruits.

I assumed that the plants were wild plants as they were growing on a public fence. The fruits must be very useful or even edible for the man to be standing in the hot sun picking them one by one off the vines so a few days later, when I went to visit my friend again, I took some photos of the flower and the fruit. Then I searched the internet for the name of this fruit as my friend did not know what it was and I found the answer.

By looking at the photos below, do you know what fruit this is? It is edible and is sold in supermarkets but its colour is not green when it is ripe and supermarkets usually sell ripe ones only. Please make a guess. Thank you! :)

The flower

The fruit

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sweet lunch

There are days when I don't feel like eating due to the hot weather so I'll have an orange for breakfast and a block of chocolate ice-cream on a slice of wholemeal bread for lunch. I'll start with the ice cream and after I have finished eating the ice cream, I will eat the slice of bread with melted ice cream on it. This way, my plate stays clean and not a single drop of ice cream is wasted.