Sunday, July 8, 2012

Epipremnum aureum

Another 6 months to go and we will be welcoming a new year. Are you hoping that 2013 will come quicker or are you wishing that 2012 will stay longer?

Time waits for no one so do what you want to do today because tomorrow may never come.

Sunshine on my wall


  1. You are so right about time not waiting for anyone. I wish for next year to come slower, still alot yet to accomplish this year.. sigh..

  2. Hi "My Family's Memoir",

    Hope you can accomplish everything you have in mind in the remaining 6 months of 2012! But take it easy, ok? :)

  3. Indeed well said:))

    How about you, Mun, do you want 2013 to come sooner or you still have things to be accomplished in 2012?

  4. Thanks Redbabe!

    Hi Elizebeth, I want to fast forward to the year 2026!! Haha! :)

  5. What?? What's wife 2026??

    Remember when we are kids, we always listen wawasan 2020? That time, 2020 was so unimaginably reachable... but now... I realized it is just around the corner. And... the wawasan failed miserable!!! cheh... :( I actually miss the leadership of Dr. M

  6. I just live in the moment. It's easiest that way. :) 2012 has been pretty good to us, so far. I pray it continues to be full and enriching. :)

  7. Hi Jamie, very wise indeed. I also want to live in the moment but I keep on wanting time to move faster.

    Hi Elizebeth, now it is no longer 2026 but 2031. That's the official retirement age here now where we can get what we have been saving and working hard for in our youth. Have you closed your account and withdraw everything?