Thursday, June 28, 2012

Princes Street

23-25 Sep 2003:
It was my 3rd visit to Edinburgh. My spouse was there for work and as usual I tagged along. He took a flight while I went by train - a 6 to 7 hours journey (one way) from Newbury.

Day 1:
I reached there in the evening of 23 Sep and met up with him. We stayed in a hotel near the Haymarket train station (I can't remember which hotel it was).

Haymarket Train Station. Look deserted? That's because I waited until everyone left before taking a photo. Since all the photos were taken by me and without a tripod, I have no photo of myself for this trip.

I saw this when I stepped out of the train station. The structure with a clock is a war memorial for former players of Heart of Midlothian F.C. who died in World Wars I and II.

Day 2:
After he left for work, I took a train from the Haymarket station to Stirling (that's for another post) and came back in the evening. The time shown in the photo below: 11.12am (when I board the train to Stirling).

When I came back in the evening, my spouse was still at work so I took a leisure stroll all the way to see the floral clock in West Princes Street Gardens. The yellow line in the map below is the route I took. Yellow circle - Edinburgh castle, blue circle - The Royal Scots Greys monument, green circle - floral clock.

I walked along Princes Street, main shopping street in Edinburgh New Town and passed by a flower stall and numerous high street shops but I did not buy anything, just window shopping only.

Then I reached the West Princes Street Gardens and noticed a squirrel running about.

Photo of Edinburgh Castle  (yellow circle on map) as seen from the West Princes Street Gardens.

The Royal Scots Greys monument  (blue circle on map) shows a soldier from the Royal Scots Greys Regiment.

Finally I reached the floral clock (green circle on map) and I waited for the cuckoo (bird) to tell me the time. The time then was 4.10pm and the bird appears every 15 minutes.

Now you see it! The cuckoo appeared from its "nest".

Now you don't. No cuckoo.

West Princes Street Gardens. Then I walked all the way back to the hotel and joined my spouse for dinner.

Day 3:
I left for the train station immediately after breakfast while he checked out from the hotel and went to work before taking a flight back to London. I like walking along Princes Street and I hope to visit Edinburgh again one day.


  1. intersting trip to Edinburgh. Love the now you see it now you don't cuckoo. hehe... You have good memory, that's like 8-9 years ago, but you can still remember the details.

  2. Love all those beautiful structures. I'd love to see Europe.

  3. Hi Elizebeth, me too - that's why I walked all the way there and wait to see it appear. Actually I can only remember the main things - not the details such as the meals I ate and the name of the hotel. That's why I need to post it now before I totally forget all of them.

    Hi Jamie, I'm sure you'll get to visit Europe one day. On my end, I'd love to see USA.

  4. Do you miss those times that you travel around? Nowadays I don't see you travel much.

  5. Hi Jenn,

    I do miss UK but not the travelling about. Now that I am older I prefer sleeping on my own bed rather than in hotel rooms.

  6. I told Redbabe that she must go to Edinburgh, such a beautiful city so fairytale... I was there last mth...

  7. 4, 2012 at 12:53 AM

    sorry not meant tobe Anonymous, just

  8. Hi Redbabe's mom, I gather that you had a good time in Edinburgh. So did I. Yes, I would suggest Redbabe visit Edinburgh too as she would surely love it there!

  9. Wow goodness knows when (if ever) I'll travel to places like that - unless maybe my kids go there for college :P (And I'd rather they go someplace with a beach or spa :D)

  10. Hi Aileen,

    When little Miss Rockstar is a bit older, you all can go to UK for a holiday! To visit Kings' Alma Mater in London too.

    Edinburgh has beaches and spas too!

  11. You are definately one lucky lady to get to tag along with your hubby, wish I can do the same. Nice photos..

  12. Hi, Yes, I do count my blessing though I don't travel much nowadays. One day when your children are older, you and your spouse can go travelling too. :)