Friday, June 8, 2012

Daphnis who?

One morning, my spouse asked me to go out to our garden to look at a moth. I have not seen such a big moth before so I took a photograph of it. It landed on our car and did not fly away when I approached it. 

When I was young, I was told that when moths fly near humans, it means that the spirit of a loved one is visiting them. While I don't really believe it, I feel nice whenever I see a moth because I can choose to believe that it is someone closed to me who is visiting me from somewhere out there.

I googled for the name of this moth and came up with two results - Daphnis hypothous or Daphnis nerii (Oleander Sphinx Moth or Oleander Hawk-Moth), both species are from the Sphingidae family. I can't tell the difference between the two types of moth, except for their colour. So based on the colour alone, I believe this moth is Daphnis hypothous.

Later, when we drove the car to run some errands, the moth was still sticking to the car. We just let it be and when we arrived at our destination, it was no longer there. I hope it flew away to a new home but I wish to see it again because it looks so special.


  1. I wonder how you google the name based on what you see. I would never know where to start looking. Hehe!

    I'm a strong believer of the spirits world taking the form of insects. Sometimes I feel they are always looking at us like humans. :P

  2. I would love to believe it it the spirit of our loved ones when we see hte moth, but I am really afraid of anything more than 4 legs... so... I am really afraid at moth actually... seriously, I am not that afraid to rats compared to coackroaches or spiders.. or butterfly... :(

  3. Hi Jenn, I use very "kuno" method. I type the word "moth" and search using google image and then slowly look through all the images, hahaha!

    Hi Elizebeth, wow, can't believe you are not afraid of rats - so brave! May I ask why you are afraid of creatures with more than 4 legs?

  4. Mun, to me, anything more than 4 legs are abnormal, like aliens like that... yucks... thinking about it makes me shiver too:(

  5. That is a very unique looking moth and what a sweet myth about them too! Ash used to be scared of moths but I think I've finally conviced her that they are not to be feared. Though I don't like them inside because their babies eat our sweaters!

  6. I see, Elizebeth. Aliens in some movies do look like insects (face) in a way.

    Hi Jamie, glad to hear Ash is no longer afraid of moths. Moth larvae is so not good for sweaters. Moth balls will keep them away (not that child friendly though).