Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 spouse did this
This is a scheduled post as I have no access to the Internet starting yesterday for about a week. When I am back, I will resume reading and commenting on my favourite blogs - Raising Rockstars (I took the liberty to change the name a bit as there is more than one Rockstar now), Life's A Journey, My Memory Land, What I Did Today, Redbabe, Light Recollections (the name of this blog changes regularly so I won't be surprised to see another name when I am back ;p) and Small Kucing. Till then, keep blogging, ok!? :D

Update: How can I forget this - My Family's Memoir is one of my favourite blog too! ..and also Ms. Renaye's blog. :D

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ladies only

Just recently at a nearby shopping mall, I noticed that a huge area of parking spaces has been cordoned off to create a ladies only car park area. Security guards manned the single entrance and exit and they only allow cars occupied by ladies to pass through the barrier gates into the special parking area.

Now do you think this is a good move by the management team of this shopping mall?