Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thank you

Look at what I have received in July - two lovely postcards, one from Wenn and one from Sharon. I would like to thank them both for being so nice.

I like to read their blogs and would definitely be leaving my comments for each and every post of theirs. May they continue to blog regularly so that all of us can enjoy reading their posts.

Thank you Wenn! Thank you Sharon! :)

New Zealand and Singapore

See who the cards are from

Pretty stamps 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Candy bar

I have been using hand-me-down cellphones since 6 years ago. Recently the battery of my current phone is no longer working, it keeps showing low battery and switching itself off despite just being charged for many hours. I found out that there is no replacement battery sold for this model anymore so it is time for a new phone.

Since my spouse and I share a smartphone, I got myself a simple phone as I will use it for sending short messages most of the time. Occasionally I will use it to receive and make voice calls. This is the candy bar phone I bought. It is light and provides the functions that I need.

My sister knitted a phone case for me and then cross stitched some decorations on it. You would be able to guess why this particular decoration was chosen by my sister. ;p

Front and back view

With this phone case, I can now hang my phone by the door so that I do not forget to bring it out with me. Many thanks to my sister for making this for me. :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Special day

Yesterday I met up with Jennifer and her husband. I have been reading her blog since 2009 and vice versa. They are a lovely couple and I had a great time talking with them.

Jennifer gave me a nice gift.

A gift from Jennifer

Tea from Hanoi, just nice to drink after a heavy meal.

Jennifer treated me to a very delicious meal too - Taiwanese beef glass noodle with lots of vegetables in it, pancake and tea.

Delicious beef glass noodles

Pancake with butter and honey

Last but not least, of course I had a wonderful time on this special day. Thank you both very much and I am looking forward to our next meeting to treat you both to a yummy meal in return.

Nice message