Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 minutes..

.. to go before midnight and then it will be 2014!

Happy New Year everyone! May we move forward into 2014 and face the future with courage.

Overall, I would say 2013 is a good year for us.

Made a trip with my sister and mother to visit my grandma who is 97 years old. It was good to see her looking exactly as the year before as if time did not move. Although it was a short meetup but everyone had fun talking about everything and nothing in particular. My grandma prefers to live alone but since she is not getting any younger, she has now agreed to take on a maid to live with her. May 2014 be a good year for my grandma.

2013 is also the year where I got a surprise and was given a chance to test myself. Eventually I made the same decision as before. Well, I just got to reap what I sow.

Goodbye 2013!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Season of Giving

To everyone who celebrates Christmas,
Have a blessed Christmas!

Thank you Wenn for the lovely Christmas card and gifts below:

A big thank you to Sharon for the lovely Christmas card below:

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Test of Patience

I spent almost the whole day of last Sunday (8 Dec 2013) waiting but I achieved my objective. Since I do not have any paid day off left, I decided to renew my passport during Sunday. Unfortunately for me, many people have the same idea too so at 8 am when I reached the immigration office, this was what I saw:

I estimated that there were around 200 people there but I joined the queue nevertheless since I was there already. Queue numbers were given out from 8.30am onwards and at 9.15am, I got my number which was 207 meaning there were 206 persons in front of me. I was asked to return in 3 hours but I hung around.

At 10am, the last number 468 was handed out and late comers were turned away. Finally it reached my turn at 1.30pm and I submitted my documents in for processing and waited for another half an hour to make the payment and then was told that my passport would be ready for collection in about another hour.

I then walked out to Petaling Street to take my lunch and walked around a bit before returning for the collection.

True enough at around 3pm I received my brand new document and so left for home by taking the LRT. Mission accomplished.