Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A new pet for 2010

My spouse bought me a pet for the new year. I chose it myself. When it gets dirty, I will give it a bath. Here it is (isn't it cute?):

Yes, it is a bag. It is to be my always-carry-bag. I always carry only one bag for almost all occasions. The bag has to have many compartments with zip fasteners. I used my previous bag almost everyday for 10 years until the colour of the leather faded away and the stitches attaching its handles to its body slowly became undone. It was my constant companion and sturdily carried many heavy loads for me. It has even gone through 4 winters with me in UK. That bag was also given to me by my spouse who was my boyfriend then.

In loving memory of my previous bag which has served me well, here are some photos of me and the bag. Photos below (right to left): taken in 1997 when I first visited Tokyo and in 1998 when my employer sent me to Hong Kong to participate in a project meeting.

Photos above (left to right): Bag came along with me to Shanghai in 2003, look at how the colour has faded (at my coursemates graduation in 2006), please don't ask me why I contorted my body that way while hanging onto the bag for dear life at the Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai (2007).

I really have many fond memories of the bag but sad to say although I wanted to keep it for the rest of my life for its sentimental value, I only kept it for another 2 years. I had to throw it away while clearing my things at the end of last year as part of my decluttering exercise.

I hope this bag will serve me for just as long as my previous bag. It does look a bit big on me (middle photo below) but then I like my bag to be able to contain many things. It even has a removable compartment for my netbook.

There are other colour choices as well such as sweet pink or refreshing green but I chose brown for its earth tone. I have started using it on 1 Jan 2010. Let's see whether I am still using it on 1 Jan 2020.


  1. if i have a bag business and many customers are like you, i sure go bankrupt in no time..

  2. good one gargles!..hehehe.. mun very faithful! 10 years 1 bag...

  3. Your new bag sounds very handy, with various compartments to cater for your needs! I think it is a God-sent! :)

  4. Whoa! Your new bag is so cute. It's time to change and your spouse is so thoughtful. Happy for you.

    I'm like you too. I always carry the same bag though I have a lot of bags. I'm the lazy type of person who don't really like to keep swapping my stuff around bags. Haha!

    I hope I will still remember your bag in 2020. Haha!

  5. Hey Mun you sure it will last till 2020...hmm i really doubt :p Jen, another similarity here- i have many bags but i always carry only one at a time, except for dinner which i have no choice but to switch to something close to match with the dress.

  6. Gargles, hehe, yes, yes so luckily there are many, many more people who frequently buy bags and fewer of people like me.

    Redbabe, I am a very sentimental person so if I like the bag, I do want to let it go.

    Wow, good morning 3 ladies, I'm happy to get your comments so early in the morning.

    GerryMoon, you are right, it is handy.

    Jennifer, I'll remind you in 2020 if I am still around. :)

    sdovelly, hopefully it will last till 2020 if I give it lots of tlc and don't overstuff it like I used to.

  7. Redbabe, sorry, I mean I do not want to let it go. Must be too early, I'm not awake yet that's why typo.

  8. Thanks for stopping by blog. I read a few of your past posts, such as relationship and reasons not having a baby. I like your writings and thoughts. Thanks for the read!

  9. Hello Eileen, thanks for your encouraging comments.

  10. Choy!!! Of course you will be around. Don't simply say say. Hehe! I'm counting on you to remind me...

  11. Hi Mun,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I saw this post and it struck a chord- its time for me to write a story about my bag too! :D

  12. LOL, miracle8, yes, I am still waiting for your post.

    Hi Mun, I am new here 5 min ago. Miracle8 introduced your blog to me as she told me I will be interested in your handbag post. I sure do. I talked to miracle8 a while ago I am actually planning to start a new blog specially just to document ladies all around the world and their favorite handbag(s) with a beautiful story behind. How delightful I am to read a beautiful bag story just like yours! The bag is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    p/s: Would you like to contribute this bag story post of yours in the new blog when it is up? It will be credited to the original owner. Please let me know. Thank you.

  13. miracle8, thank you for coming by as well. Yes, do write about your bag as well.

    fish fish, welcome, welcome. I'll be happy to contribute this post to your new blog. It's an honour to be asked. :)