Monday, March 22, 2010

Non-stop battles at home

Barbaric, brutal, bloody, gruesome, violent, savage, horrific. The battles go on and on.

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My spouse has just got his hands on God of War III, a third-person single-player action-adventure PS3 game and has been enjoying himself playing it for the past few days. This game concludes the God of War trilogy. The ESRB Rating for this game is M (Mature) so that means it is not meant to be played by anyone below 17 of age (ESRB = Entertainment Software Rating Board) but I don't think parents here adhere to this guide though I hope they do. This type of game (bloody battles) is not for me but I enjoy the overall story and the superb visuals. In God of War II, I even helped to solve some of the puzzles. This time, I have informed my spouse to let me know whenever he encounters any puzzles. Let's see for how many weeks this game can keep him occupied.


  1. Yep.. hate those bloody games too... too violent and even scary sometimes. Difficult to play when hiding behind pillows, lols... Love puzzle games too...!

  2. Wah you even take part in the game. Man i run farx2 away dy...hehehe....wonder are all guys on earth have the same trait? duhhh...

  3. You are into his game too? I sometimes like to watch my hubby plays his PS3 games too but I never get involved. He like racing games. That can keep him occupied for weeks at most.

  4. Redbabe, then you would love the Boom Blox multiplayer puzzle game for Wii. Do you have it already?

    sdovelly, the puzzle sections of the game are fun!

    Jennifer, so that I can experience doing something he loves to do and we can talk and discuss about the game.

  5. ah! so this game is called GOW! i have seen some friends advertising this on gbuzz but never knew what it is!

    i would love to play games too but don't have the patience for it. prefer my old scrabble. =)

  6. Hi renaye, I like to play scrabble too! :)