Friday, August 20, 2010

A 7pm appointment

There is a new item in my schedule now. Normally I don't watch long-winded drama involving family squabbles so I didn't watch Moonlight Resonance (溏心風暴之家好月圓) when it was first shown on Astro. But upon hearing that it won numerous awards, I have decided to watch every episode of it this time round on 8TV to see what the fuss is all about. So now on every weekday at 7pm since last week, I can be found glued to the TV watching Moonlight Resonance.


  1. I just finished watching it here! We bought the DVD series when we were back. It's not too bad but too much "Mou liu" drama... sometimes, I feel a little stressed out watching their squables. Do you feel the same?
    But, I must say, one good thing about it was how they stress about "Ka Hou Yuet Yuen" and about importance of family ties. And due to all the Tai Thong advertisement in our DVD, I was craving for "bing pei" mooncakes. They don't sell "bing pei" here. (Ok, they do but it;s a HK brand and they sell it in the frozen section. Bought it last yr and didn't like it so much).

  2. Is it really as good as people say? I haven't watched that too but no time for 7pm appointment or any drama now. Sigh...

  3. Have fun Mun! :) I dont usually watch long winded drama too. But once in the bluest moon, i would just march straight into a dvd shop, get a whole box and rot in front of my tv from day to night. Lols.... It can be quite fun sometimes. :)

  4. Hi Tsu Lin, Yes, I do not like the squabbles so instead of feeling stress like I did initially, I kind of "switch off" now whenever there are squabbles scenes. It's true, one reason for its success is the good family values that it imparts to the audience. Hope someone in UK do some homemade "bing pei" moon cake to fulfill your cravings! :)

    Jennifer, too early to tell as it has only been on since last week. Well after working hard, you can watch the DVDs then if you want to. :)

    Redbabe, thanks! so do you want to join in the fun? ;)