Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cleaning craze

These few days I have been on a cleaning spree. I usually clean my place once in a while and sometimes my sister comes over to help me. Truth be told, I don't like to do house chores that consist mainly of sweeping the floors and wiping the dust off every object in sight. Of course, I could hire professional cleaners but since I lead a sedentary life, I figure doing the cleaning myself would give me that much needed exercise. I also remind myself constantly to maintain a proper and good posture when doing the cleaning, e.g., keep the back straight while mopping the floor.

So why the craze for cleaning now? I think I have been cleaning my place furiously in order to distract myself from the drilling, hammering, knocking and thumping sounds coming from the renovation being carried out next door. As I forsee the renovation to go on for another 6 months, I guess I will have to continue to clean daily for that period of time. Below are some of the tools that I use to help me clean my place.


  1. aiyo... so silai post one??? (like me, *hi5*)

    that pink mop and pink pail? step step step and it goes whirling round, right? good ah? i had been thinking of getting it but i have too many pails at home and not enough space! the vacuum cleaner, get the rainbow or roboclean (cheaper brand, same function), you can clean the mattresses, curtains, walls and even the air in your home (while you still in the silai cleaning mood, might as well clean Everything, right?)

  2. Hello Silai Gargles, *hi5*

    Yes, yes you so pro, know about the step step step and whirl whirl whirl, no need to use hands to wring the mop dry. But my one slightly different, it still goes whir whirl whirl but no step step step. Just need to shake the handle of the mop and it will go whirl whirl whirl.

    I can't afford rainbow vacuum. My yellow vacuum is for show only. I want to save electricity so gotta use manual labour. Can keep fit somemore if not dead from cleaning yet. Hehehe.

  3. Looking at all those cleaning equipment already making me tired. Those neverending job... *sigh*

  4. don't forget to sing at the same time hahaha, that way you won't be so tired

  5. Redbabe, ya, clean clean then they all get dirty again and need to be cleaned again - really neverending..

    "ME N MY MILLION DOLLAR", if I could catch my breath while cleaning, I would sing like you advise. :)

  6. Muahaha.. after you're done with your home, you can come over to mine! Then, I'll serve you some ice cream as "reward" and also let you surf on my internet.

    Wow.. You're really a good "si lai", unlike me who is super lazy. Nyek nyek.

  7. Hi Tsu Lin ++, honestly I am not my normal self (I almost never cleans), must be the sounds driving me nuts. :p