Sunday, January 15, 2012

Knowing me

Today I am pleasantly surprised to see my name being mentioned in this post by M in her "Living Dizzy" blog. Thank you, M! I’ve been reading M's blog and also her previous blog for some time now and find her to be a strong lady who has overcome many obstacles living with pain and dizziness.

So in appreciation of this mention, I will participate and reveal 7 things about myself that my blogger friends might not know.

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me.


I was told that when I was about 6 months old, my mother left me alone for a while in a stroller in our garden. When she came back for me, she saw a monkey hugging me (my face facing her chest) with me still sitting in the stroller. She shouted and chased the monkey away. In the haste of a quick getaway, the monkey accidentally scratched my forehead which needed 3 stitches.

So now I have a very faint scar on my forehead. No, unlike Harry Potter, it does not glow and no, I can't understand monkeys chatters.


I dislike the house geckos (house lizards) because they kept dropping onto my head from the ceiling when I was young.


I can eat a bowl of 8 tablespoons of instant oatmeal mixed with plain hot water with ease at one go so as long as there is a packet of instant oatmeal and a bowl of plain hot water, I won't die of hunger.


One night, while I was sleeping in my University hostel, I woke up from sleep with a terrible stomach pain and couldn't sleep after that. In the morning, when the pain had subsided a bit, I walked to the clinic alone and was diagnosed with appendicitis.


I have traveled 3 times in an ambulance with the siren on: 1. I was the patient. 2. I was accompanying my late father. 3. I was accompanying my spouse.


When I was young, I wanted to be the Magical Princess Gigi.


My favourite colour is red.

That's all. Thanks again M!


  1. This is enlightening. Now I feel I know you better :)

  2. The hugging monkey (or monkey hugging you) is both romantic and scary at the same time!! Luckily you were not hurt badly.

  3. How fun to read these random, fun facts about you! The monkey story is so cute (but I'd be scared too if I were the mother). I'm so glad that you weren't damaged in any way by the appendicitis.

  4. Hi Jennifer, glad it is! :)

    Hello Elizebeth, Ya, I was lucky that the monkey did not carry me away.

    Hiya Jamie, No, no damage at all, I just had an appendectomy and was discharged from the hospital after 2 days.

  5. wah.. interesting facts!!

    happy chinese new year!

    RYC: yes the pic was taken at hakodate peak. and thank u. i always look great. BWAHAHAHHA.

  6. Hey mun! Loved reading these 7 bits about you! BTW, any blogs you will be nominating? And you can get an image of the award from my blog!

  7. Hi renaye, happy cny to you too! Yes, I do agree that you always look great in the photos that you have posted on your blog. :)

    Hi M, Thanks for letting me know about the image! There are too many blogs that I would like to nominate and since I can only nominate 5, I choose not to nominate any. :)

  8. I love red too!! And wow.. a monkey?!

  9. Hi April,

    Yup, a monkey it is! Let's go red together! :)