Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reusing bottles

Lately I need to protect my toothbrush from house lizards / house geckos. I did not want to buy a toothbrush holder with a cover so I looked around my house to find materials that I could use to make one. In the end, I made one using two PET bottles and the lid of a small container.

I started off with two PET bottles (only one bottle is shown in the photo below), a small container and a scissors.

Cut each bottle into 2 parts. I only need the bottom part. Then cut a hole in the middle of the lid of the small container.

Result: a toothbrush holder with a cover. The lid of the small container holds the toothbrush in place inside the bottom part of the 1st bottle. The bottom part of the 2nd bottle acts as the cover.


  1. Good job Mun for Recycling the softdrink bottle.

    I am getting worried with the amount of things at home and trying my best too not to buy anything uneccesary.

  2. Thanks Redbabe. Good to know that you are doing your best not to accumulate belongings too.

    Thanks Jenn! :)

  3. Genius! Good work! I did this too only without a lid. Love recycling and upcycling!

  4. Thanks Jamie and "My Family's Memoir"! :) Always good to reuse things and not buy new ones if we can help it.

  5. do you cut some holes to air the toothbrush too?

  6. Yes Elizebeth, I did. Thanks for the suggestion though. :)