Saturday, April 21, 2012


The mini desserts looked so delicious that I succumbed to temptation and took one of each. Needless to say, they were sweet so I did not like them that much. Luckily I had two other persons sharing the food with me. Between the three of us, we managed to finish the whole lot and did not waste a morsel.

Lesson learned: never judge a dessert by its looks.


  1. I don't like sweet food too so I never even try to take any dessert no matter how good they look. I just know I'll never finish them. Hehe!

  2. Wah Jenn, you are so disciplined. That's very good! :D

    Hi Renaye, this is at the buffet lunch in Fuzion restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

  3. I also not a sweet tooth person. Though I love cake (not all cake, just cake with strawberry or mango type, hehe):p

    But your dessert sure looks tempting... especially the one looks like strawberry sitting on top of a mango pudding? yum yum.

  4. I'm on a no sugar diet so by the end, hopefully I'll find most desserts too sweet too! Those desserts do look delectable though.

  5. Hi Elizebeth, hhhmmm, I'm drooling just thinking of the mango puddings I ate in Hong Kong. They are really delicious unlike the mango puddings sold in KL.

    Hello Jamie, I can never go on a zero sugar diet because I like to have a little dessert after my meals - just a wee bit. Hope your no sugar diet is going on well.