Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Long weekend

Hari Raya this year was on Sunday (19 Aug) and Monday (20 Aug) so we had public holidays on Monday and Tuesday (20 and 21 Aug). I gave my netbook a holiday too and did not switch it on for all four days but I did go online via other devices.

Relatives living in other states took this opportunity to come back to visit their elders and we had a grand time catching up with them. It was a breeze to drive in KL on Sat and Sun because there was no traffic congestion as everyone was either away on vacation or out of town visiting their parents. Those who stayed back in KL thronged the shopping malls with babies and grandparents in tow and that included us. :D

To everyone on the road, please drive safely. Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend.

Midvalley Megamall
Paradigm Mall
The Curve


  1. meow meow. Welcome back to work. :-)

  2. Happy Hari Raya...:)

    I miss the festive season (for holidays) very much. haha.

  3. Hi Renaye, nice to see you here again!

    Hi Elizebeth, Thanks! :)

  4. Looks pictures look so fun and festive!

  5. Hi Jamie,

    Yes, the atmosphere was very festive at the malls. :)