Friday, November 2, 2012

Home again

A big thank you to everyone who left me comments in my previous post. I have been back for some time, 10 days to be exact. Sorry for not writing a post earlier. I was busy sorting out things that were left undone while I was away.

No, I did not go adventuring to a mysterious remote place with no access to the internet. Just that I did not bring a personal device to go online while I was there. The place that I visited has this building:

Night view - all lit up
It was a short 9 days trip to visit my 96 years old grandmother. This trip is a treat for my mother and I from my sister who paid for all expenses. She also requested that I let it be known here that she also prepared many pieces of newspaper cuttings of sudoku and slitherlink puzzles for me to work on if ever I am bored during the trip. For the record, I completed 5 sudoku puzzles and 5 slitherlink puzzles during the 9 days.

Grandma and ma. In the foreground is the back of my head.
Basically, we walked, talked a lot and ate loads of good food. The best thing is seeing grandma and the bad thing is I gained weight. All in all, a short, sweet and sour trip.


  1. I know this building, its in UGANDA!!!! Pannai lehhh....

  2. You r so lucky to have such a wonderful sister.

  3. Uganda? I thought is Taipei 101? Hahaha..

    Your grandma is very 有福气:) And I love sudoku too!!! Guess who taught me to play? My mom! yah. hahaha...

  4. Wow..... Nice!!! Taipei101! Yr grandma look so good!

  5. im hopeless when comes to sudoku.

  6. Haha tasy, you are really pannai! ;)

    Yes "My Family's Memoir", I agree although we still argue over some things like sisters do.

    Hi Elizebeth, yay, so we must share a difficult sudoku to do sometimes.

    Thanks Blueberry, do you have a website or blog?

    Hi Renaye, perhaps you can try to do slitherlink puzzle instead. :)

  7. Yes, Small Kucing, nice to be back.