Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1 2013

Happy New Year everyone! How did you spend your New Year's eve?

As for me, I went down to KL town center to run some errands that needed to be done before the year 2012 is over and was caught in a traffic jam but I did not let it get me down. Instead I managed to complete all the to-do things on my list for that day in good spirits with some help.

Looking back at 2012:

I went to visit my grandmother who lives overseas. The last time I visited her was in 2006.

I resumed an activity that I performed intermittently before, on a more regular basis.

We did all the sums allowable at one go until forty-ish. Three years are finally up but the directions have changed with no confirmed plans.

That's about it. Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013!


  1. Mun, Happy New Year to you & your family.

  2. New Year's eve I was facing my laptop and watch firework.

    Happy New Year Mun! Hope it will be an awesome year for you :D

  3. Hey.... may 2013 accomplish more! Happy new year to you & family!

  4. Happy New Year, Mun! Hope this year will be a great one to you and family.

  5. Thank you everyone! May 2013 bring all of you lots of happiness, prosperity and good health!

  6. Happy New Year Mun! Glad your last day of 2012 ended in good spirits despite the traffic. :)

  7. Happy new year Mun.

    did Nothing much on new year eve...just went to amcorp mall redeemed the bbws preview pass. that's all. ya that.day the jam started even in the afternoon. glad you managed to get everything done.

  8. Happy New Year to you too Small Kucing! I'm happy that you left a comment on my post. :)