Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Surprising Month

June highlights:
1 700 for one
4 drop by to see b3
5 everyone is in finally
6 little pain on and off and gone quickly
8 durian at Ria
9 durian again brown ins
11 nearly cray mine
13 Y early found while waiting all happy bring me to Kay El
15 fish finally
16 you zoo
17 xo is the best
18 foc xo 2 only
19 d24 not as nice as xo
20 give back 2 5360 and buns full of sugar
21 found out W got new role new place left 3 farm 33 fusion
22 raw fan su from van
23 frozen taste still there
24 trim for 2 hours
25 new tai
26 surprise behind brown
28 pandan eggy
29 mid week surprise sent mel
30 2 done blue dots speaks



  1. I can see you have an activities packed June! :) Is it a key chain in the picture? Looks nice.

  2. i spotted durians...i simply love durians..

    1. Me too. Time to eat again before this durian season is over.