Wednesday, July 25, 2018

One from each brand

- So happens shu umera for brow shaping is opposite this booth so got interested when told got 5% off if use wtsn card to buy so went to apply a wtsn card for 18d8.
- 443d22 from 498 cos off 6per gst and 5per wtsn cd so total 11per off.
- thought this is from itly but google says no. Just penang under pblc gld mlys
- no silver items sold
- just 18 kay gld in yellow, rose and white so price is higher than trll and pdr
Got this because this is the lowest price fat heart with the word arr at the rim of the middle hole. Lowest price but still the highest price chrm in mn collection even after discount. It does not look like a heart because it is too fat and round.
Showing the description - only the 1st 2 lines fit.

Did not select this though the price is lower and it is a fat heart because no word arr at the rim and the heart is too narrow though is fat fat so it looks more like a sharp face.

Did not select this even though the price is low because it is not a fat heart but a boxy heart and the size is a bit small and each pattern holes in it as too big making less metal used.

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