Sunday, November 8, 2009

Third time lucky

When I got to UK, I wanted to work as soon as possible so while I sent out job applications for IT related work, I signed up to work as a warehouse hand, earning GBP4.5 per hour, removing items from boxes and repacking them. It was repetitive, backbreaking hard work. I worked there for two weeks and then left when the job agency found me a two-week office temp work. There, I was assigned to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into a MS-Access database.

I then answered an ad looking for technical support staff in the local newspaper and was asked to go for an interview. The CEO of the company who interviewed me is only one year older than I am. It was a local IT company with about 10 employees and a branch in US. I was then offered the job with a decent salary. Happily I accepted the position and worked in this company until the day I left UK to return to my birthplace.

my seat at work; dinner with co-workers,
view from my window - my spouse to pick me up, the row of shops opposite the building where I worked.


  1. hey mun, are you trying to document all your UK experiences so that you won't forget?

  2. It looks like a very nice working place!! Congratulations for then, and now and also the future!

  3. sdovelly, Yes, I am. How did you guess? My whole UK experiences felt like false memories that someone implanted into my brain. As if it never happened to me. So when I write them out, they seem more real to me.

    GerryMoon, thanks. Yes, it was a very nice working place.

  4. It's good for us, your readers to share your recap of memory lanes. Do tell us more...

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Jennifer. There will be more to come... :)

  6. it's nice to record ur days in the UK. i didn't get to record mine in nz and i somehow regretted it coz i seem to be losing these precious memories day by day.

  7. Hello renaye, if you have time, you can start recording what you still remember about your days in nz. It's never too late!

  8. i see, thanks for your info~ don't think can do it now liao~ T.T

    1. Why not? I still have friends who transferred to work in the overseas branch of their company.