Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cycle, Recycle

Nowadays, I do not simply throw away things that I do not want. I sort the unwanted things into a few categories and then send them to recycling centers nearby. Before sending them, the items need to be cleaned, dried, arranged and tied neatly.

The types of recyclables accepted at Alam Flora Recycling Centers are:

Cardboard, Boxes Brown Paper
Computer Paper, Black & White A4, A3, A1
Mixed Paper - Books, Comics, Envelopes, Junk Mails, Colour Papers
Beverage Cartons
Aluminium Cans - Soft Drink Cans
Steel, Tin - Food Cans (Sardine), Beverage Cans (Milo), Milk Cans
Glass Bottle, Jar - Food Jars, Beverage Bottle
Mixed Plastic - Shampoo, Detergent & Food Containers, Various Plastic Products

Recently I just sent one batch of boxes. I must encourage myself to keep this up so here's wishing myself "Happy Recycling!"


  1. Good job Mun! Keep it up! I too just started to allocate a section under the kitchen sink to collect empty plastic container for recycling :) Hope this small effort will contribute in making earth a little greener!

  2. Hey mun, that is a good move to start recycle and at the same time get rid of the unused stuffs before the new year....Bravo!!!

  3. Hey Mun! Well done!! And thanks for sharing the information with Alam Flora. Usually I just drop the items at this place around my area. They come every weekend to collect them. Guess what! I have a paper shredder at home too! Lols! Glad to know that we are all on the same path of doing our bit for Mother Earth. :) Cheers!

  4. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! Glad to hear all of you are on the same bandwagon too.

    GerryMoon, I have been thinking of getting a paper shredder. Which type are you using - brand name, model? Does it do ribbon, confetti or crisscross cuts?