Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Here's wishing my dear brother a very Happy Birthday!

For the first 6 years of my life, I thought we would be a family of 4 forever. Then came my brother. My sister and I had lots of fun playing with the baby or rather we treated the baby as our precious doll. The baby loved it when we propped him up with pillows and put him on our father's swivel chair and turned the chair round and round. Once we turned the chair round and round many, many times before we realised that there were only pillows on the chair. The baby was not on the chair. To our horror, we found him lying on the floor. He had fallen through the opening between the back and the seat of the chair! He didn't even cry out. He must be too dizzy from the spinning chair.

When he attended kindergarten, I used to wait for him after my school hours were over when he stayed back for his year-end concert rehearsal. It is good to have a younger brother. We used to accompany each other a lot when we were young as we were the two youngest children then in our family, at least for 7 years. Then when we grew up, he became a man of few words but we still share a deep bond between us. I hope our relationship will stay strong for many years to come.

Photos below: (right) We were at Port Klang. He was 5 years old then. Now he is much taller than me. (left) I was caught by surprise in this candid photo while he was making fun of me.


  1. it is morib beach la... not port klang...

  2. Happy Birthday Mun's Brother! May you have many moments of joyfulness and love through and through... :)

  3. Those are good memories, I had mine too, funny thing is I am the only one who remember and wishes them, but none wishes me on my birthday, hahaha.

  4. If my memory serves me correctly, we went to Port Klang la...

    Thanks Gerry for your wishes. I will ask my brother to come here and read it for himself.

    sdovelly, I hope he feels that way too after he read this. :)

    "ME N MY MILLION DOLLAR", as long as you continue to wish them, hopefully one day they'll "wake up" and wish you as well.

  5. happy belated birthday to Mun's brother! remind me of my brother too! hahaha....

  6. Thanks April. I will let my brother know. :)