Thursday, December 10, 2009

Celebrating Advent

A few days ago, I woke up early (by my standard) at 7.30am to go shopping. We reached IKEA just when it opened for business at 9.30am but many customers were earlier than us. This is because IKEA is celebrating Advent by having different special deals for each of the 24 days before Christmas. This was what we bought:

Source: The bottom picture above is taken from

We got 5 units. We saw some people buying the maximum 10 units. We heard that the many pallets were sold out in 2 hours. We also noticed many other shops selling Advent calendars for children with chocolates concealed in them. For those celebrating Advent, let's remember the real meaning of this season without getting too engrossed in the shopping activities. Have a Blessed Advent!


  1. I actually wanted to get myself a BLANDA serving bowl the other day but didn't manage to as i arrived late and didn't get the chance to go to IKEA after dinner at The Curve. I can imagine the crowd!!!

  2. I went to Ikea too and bought 2 throws...I love shopping in Ikea especially during year-end...Our home has so many Ikea stuff that I think we can become a showroom. Haha!

  3. sdovelly, I also had my eyes on the BLANDA serving bowl but as I couldn't go on that day, I also didn't manage to get it. Hopefully it will go on the member's special price item list one day.

    Jennifer, what a coincidence that we were at Ikea on the same day. Too bad I came back early or else we could have ran into each other!

  4. Yeah, I have thought of that. I have wanted to buy the same storage unit that you got but then I had second place to put it anymore...haha...

    Maybe one day we can meet for tea. At Ikea...hehe...

  5. Yes, perhaps tea one day. That would be very nice. :)