Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Dear sis,

Thank you for holding my hands all these years,
Thank you for looking out for me,
Thank you for putting up with my snappiness,
Thank you for always being there for me.

No matter how much we argue and fight,
You'll always be my big sister and
I love you very much!

Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday!


  1. Aw...what a lovely big sister...I envy...hehe...

  2. Jennifer, yes, I am blessed to have a big sister like her. :)

  3. Happy birthday to your big sister! I am a big sister to my little sister and I think I am very lucky to have her too... :D
    I got inspired by your drawings and started some of my own, if you're free come look see look see ;)

  4. her drawing? i tot she downloaded frm somewhere.... :P

  5. Well chibi,
    Thank You for all the GREAT choices
    you've made all these years.
    Life won't be the same wo u :)

  6. so early post meh? still few more hours to go....haha

  7. miracle8, you are really good at sketching! More please. I believe your little sister thinks she is very fortunate to have you as a big sister too!

    babibodai, I draw one la.

    M2, Same here! :D

  8. A+M, it's never too early for good wishes! :)

  9. Happy Birthday Big Sista!! And mun, I love the drawings! It is so sweet!! :)

  10. GerryMoon, thanks for the wishes and your kind words!

  11. "Thank you for putting up with my snappiness"--- I LIKE THIS!! excatly saying the words outta my head!

  12. sdovelly, are you also a "snappy" person? ;)