Saturday, April 3, 2010

If the shoes fit

I do not look forward to buying shoes as I have a hard time finding a pair of comfortable shoes that fit both my feet. This is because my right foot is slightly bigger than my left foot.

For the shoes below, the left side fits my left foot beautifully and they are very comfortable to wear but after walking for a while I find that my right foot hurts because the right side is just too tight and squeezes my right toes. As you can see from the picture below, it is a UK size 2 shoe. So into the shoe cabinet they went never to be seen again.

When I first tried on the pair of shoes below in the shoe shop, it felt great so I bought them but when I came home, I found that the left side is just too loose although the right side fits nicely so I bought some insoles to pad up the left side but still find it not comfortable to wear so for two years now this pair has never been worn even once. As shown in the picture below, it is a size 3 shoe. I am not sure whether the size refers to a UK or US size. What a waste of money.

This pair below is my favourite pair of sandals. I tend to be heavy on my right leg while walking so the right side was worn out way before the left side and I have to say goodbye to them. This pair is a size 4. I am also not sure whether it is referring to the UK or US size. They only served me for less than 1 year but I wore them almost everyday everywhere I went.

The sport shoes below are slightly larger than my feet as it is a UK size 4.5 but they are very comfortable to wear and they have served me well as I wore them for the whole 15 days of my Kyoto-Osaka trip last year. They were the only shoes I brought on the trip and I was really walking a lot then.

Now it's time for me to buy a new pair of shoes as I have no other pair of shoes apart from those displayed here. I am just wearing slippers from the night market as a temporary measure for the time being. Hopefully this time, I will be able to buy a comfortable pair that fits both my feet not only in the shoe shop but also when I come home. With US, UK, and EUR sizes, I really do not know what my shoe size is. I suspect my left foot is a UK size 2 and my right foot is a UK size 3. Now where can I find a shoe shop that is willing to sell me mix and match sizes, I wonder.


  1. why not tailor make them? the shop that i went for my dancing shoe does jalan-jalan shoes as well :) Then u can make one big and one small.

  2. can't believe you actually keep a photo collection of all the shoes you have owned! hehe..yea i heard some people has got this problem and hence they tailor make. probably you can consider redbabe's suggestion. cheers! :)

  3. I heard about Redbabe's suggestion too but not sure where...probably i should ask around for you and see...pity you la...buying shoes also so difficult...

  4. u can try this method - bind the bigger foot every night before you sleep till you wake up next morning. Don't fret about the pain, if our ancestors can do it, you can too! ;)

  5. Thanks Redbabe for the suggestion. I may just go there to make a pair.

    Sdovelly, I am that sentimental over my things.

    Jennifer, thanks!

    Gargles, oi, you want me to be cacat meh to go and bind one foot. ;)

  6. Gargles sure has some very creative idea...haha

  7. ha! see? got 1 who appreciate my idea and say it's "creative", not "destructive".. hehe..thanks, jennifer!

    now we can suggest where to buy plasters for her to bind foot jor! kakaka...

  8. Gargles, creative you are! :) but I don't think olden day Chinese women use plasters la!

  9. Gargles, since i'm your supporter here (sure Mun will want to choke me now), why don't you let me into your privatized blog (which you said got x-rated stuff)? Haha!

    Anyhow, I also don't think plasters will work. It will just make her leg bigger and swollen...hehe

  10. jennifer,

    (obviously side-tracking from mun's topic now)

    you want to see x-rated stuffs ah? wahh.. you are very open ah. tsk tsk tsk!! you over 18 yet or not ah?

    got comments quota for readers, you know? must put comment at least 7 times a week! ;)

    (seriously, i blog boring stuffs, dunno why mun comes and read also??!! *scratch head*... i think my sabo comments on other ppl's blogs are much more interesting! *wink*)

    well, let me have your email, i need it to send an invite.

  11. I'm near to 30 already...sob I wish I still email is'm sure I can keep up with ur quota...since I have no more due date least for the next 2 months