Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The dumpling festival is celebrated today. Last week, my mother made around 40 dumplings (zòngzi 粽子). The fillings she used were chestnuts, Chinese black mushrooms, salted duck egg yolks, deep fried chicken breast meat, dried oysters and black-eyed beans instead of mung beans. All the above fillings except for the salted duck egg yolks have to be precooked so it really took a lot of time and effort to make the dumplings. She learned how to make these dumplings on her own from recipe books. I didn't help to wrap the dumplings because I do not have the skill to do it. So thanks to my mother, I get to eat delicious home-made dumplings for the whole of this week.


  1. I love dumplings! The ones I eat are store-bought though. No one in my family knows how to make them :/ Your Mummy's homemade dumplings must be absolutely yummy!

    Happy Duan Wu Jie!

  2. looks yummy. hope to learn someday how to make one.

  3. Hello IParent,
    Good to know that you love eating dumplings too! If it is not for my mother, I would be eating store-bought ones too because I just do not have the interest or energy to try to learn to make them myself. :/ My mother's homemade dumplings are especially catered to our taste buds so of course we find them yummy! :) Here's wishing you and baby J a Happy Duan Wu Jie too!

    Hello Redbabe, since you are always so semangat, I am absolutely certain you will make scrumptious dumplings once you have set your heart on learning how to make them! Once you do, please invite me to eat them. Hehehe *I tak malu asking to makan*