Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jumping for Joy?

Last month, I bought a rebounder (mini trampoline) after reading on jo's blog about how easy it is to exercise using it. For someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle, I seriously need some form of exercise and since I prefer easy exercises which can be performed at home, I thought this would be the thing for me if it is as simple as mentioned.

With some helpful information from jo, I went shopping for it. After looking at 3 different rebounders, I bought one that costs MYR288 because it looks more sturdy than the other two which costs around MYR 167 and MYR 238 and it comes with a one-year warranty for the various parts. The rebounder that I bought uses springs instead of the sophisticated high elastic bungee bands which is said to be better and of course it is much much more expensive.

For 30 minutes each day, I have been doing the basic bounce as mentioned in this online article entitled "How To Do Mini Trampoline Exercises". There are many other exercises that can be done on the rebounder but I think I will stick to the basics for the time being.

According to this website, the first rebounder was patented in the US in 1975 and by 1981 it became a fad which soon faded. I hope I can keep this up because to me, a little exercise is better than none at all - actually is this true?

*paragraph below added on 8 June 2010*

Below are two photos of the rebounder I bought. Those feet belong to my spouse. The diameter is 36 inches and the height is 8 inches. The springs can be seen in the 2nd photo when the feet landed on the rebounder.


  1. Hey mun, if I am not mistaken i think the trick is just to pump up your heart. As long as your heart is pumping, it is good exercise. My mom used to tell me that exercising our hearts (as in exercising to the point of our hearts pumping) is a way to prevent heart attacks, or to get us ready in the event a heart attack occurs.

  2. When I lived with my aunt before I got married, she used to have one but it's not really my type of exercise. I still prefer yoga. Hehe! Anyway, I'm glad you enjoy your new exercise. Let's work hard to better health. Hehe!

  3. Hello GerryMoon, my heart does beat a little faster (not that much) during the bounce so I hope that it is pumped up enough to be effective! :)

    Hello Jennifer, I've never tried yoga cos it would mean going out of my house for classes on a regular basis - hehehe so dunno whether I will like yoga or not but it looks difficult!

  4. what's the brand and where did u buy it from?

    will u exercise regularly? ;p

  5. watever it is, any kind of exercise is always good for us, so keep it up. BTW any photo of the trampoline?

  6. A+M, you can see the brand (made in Taiwan) from the photos I just posted. Bought it from a store selling exercise equipments. So far 30 mins daily.

    Hello "ME N MY MILLION DOLLAR", I have just posted some photos of it. Thanks for the encouragement, I really do want to keep it up. :)

  7. Elizebeth, want to try? :)