Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parents be aware

I am not sure whether parents are aware or not that when they are carrying their children in their arms in a restaurant or near a food stall where all the dishes are laid out openly on the counter, that the shoes of their children are on the same level as the food. In some cases the shoes are hovering over the food.

To me, it is very unhygienic for food to be so near to the toddlers' shoes. I'm not sure what parents think. Sometimes when I am sitting and eating in a restaurant or a coffee shop, suddenly a pair of tiny shoes will float by and pass me closely near my head and over my food. When that happened, I will have no choice but to abandon my meal. In the case of the photo above, the shoes of the toddler almost touched the plate of rice that the father has in front of him and he was oblivious to it.


  1. Some parents are just ignorant and not oblivious. They choose not to care. Sigh! Unfortunately, there are many parents like that out there. I have seen my share.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Mun. Actually i share your sentiment. There are so many parents out there thinks that as long as they are carrying a child, in hand or pram, everyone should be considerate to them.

  3. Hi Jennifer, I really hope that the parents are just not aware of this. Not that they choose not to care because if the parents choose not to care, imagine what their children will learn from them.

  4. Hi Redbabe, I believe everyone would understand and be considerate to parents who has to take care of children during outings but then having shoes so near food is really too much to bear. Would be nice to have some comments from parents on what they think about this.

  5. Hi mun,

    Thanks for bringing this up! I've not carried J over buffets like in the pic, but I think many parents are unaware of this issue. I think sometimes in an effort to entertain their kids or keep them quiet, some parents may bring them over to the buffet queues and show them the food on display. I doubt they really "don't care"; just that they really are unaware.

    Actually, although I've not had J dangling her feet above other people's food, I'm one of those blur parents who had no idea about how gross it can be until your post.

    Once again, thanks for highlighting this!

  6. Hi M, thanks for being the first parent to comment on this. I also suspect that in general parents are not aware of this so I post this up. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. :)