Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blue sky, green grass

Some photos of Ching Jing (清境) farm in Nantou (南投) County, Taiwan that were taken during my 2006 trip there. A very nice place to take a long, leisure walk.

Alone but not lonely

Feel the clouds

A burst of sunshine

That's me (in red)


  1. Yes, so soothing to the eyes. :)

  2. I always thought Taiwan is a mystical place. My aunt & her family lives there and I really enjoyed my stay in Taipei last time, they brought me to some mountains for hotspring bath too. And taiwanese food are sooo yummy, esp their hawker food, I think their hawker food is comparable to our Msian hawker food. Did you enjoy your stay there?

  3. Hi Tsu Lin, yes I did enjoy it very much. It was my 3rd visit to Taiwan but 1st visit to the Ching Jing farm. Now there are many restaurant selling Taiwanese food in Malaysia - it is that popular here. :)