Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jakarta 2005

I've been to Indonesia only once - and that is to Jakarta for around 3-4 days in mid May 2005. My spouse went there to attend an exhibition and I tagged along. His employers' business partners brought us out for dinner on our first night there and I can not remember the name of the restaurant now. Apart from that dinner, I stayed in the hotel - Jakarta Hilton (now known as The Sultan Jakarta Hotel) the whole time for the rest of the trip so I did not see much of Jakarta.

Every morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and then I walked with my spouse to the Jakarta Convention Centre which is connected to the hotel via an underground air-conditioned tunnel. Then I would walked back to the hotel alone and strolled around the hotel's lush gardens before going back to my room to read a book. I ate all my meals at the hotel restaurants but did not use the other facilities. So should I visit Jakarta again to make up for the sight seeing that I missed the first time round?

Hotel's garden

Our room with two balconies

View from one of the window/balcony


  1. I've not been to Jakarta before but YES! I think you should definitely revisit again!!!

  2. Hello M, yes, maybe I will do just that one day.

  3. Sounds like a calm, relaxing time. But, yes, go back! And take lots of pics!

  4. Hi Jamie, yes, it was totally relaxing!

  5. Hi renaye, book a trip there during matta then! :)

  6. meow! i'm going to sydney next year for a course. so now i'm saving for mad. maybe i will ask for online donations too. would u like to donate?

    RYC: my expiry date is anytime from now. that is what i have calculated from my birth date. >.<

  7. Hi Renaye, enjoy your trip to sydney! Do you have a paypal account?

  8. jakarta has no sightseeing one lah..
    especially not interesting ones that you can hop on a tour to.

    But there are 'interesting experiences' like Harry Darsono Museum (designer to Pricess Diana etc etc)...but this one must book in a group and is seasonal (cause tours are only conducted when Harry himself is around. He lives in London now)

    Most people come here for SPAs, GOLF and Shopping (kebayas, batiks)

  9. NomadicMom, Thanks for the advice! :)