Friday, June 10, 2011

Reuse a phone

A few days ago, my cell/mobile/hand phone started having a will of its own. I was keying in a text message and it interrupted me by sending the incomplete message to a random number from my address book. I pressed the cancel button a few times to no avail and then it proceeded to send blank text messages to a few other random numbers so I had no choice but to switch it off. I suspect this erratic behaviour is due to a "sticky-keys" problem.

This 4.5 years old phone is a hand-me-down phone from my spouse so I will not be sending it to be fixed. Instead I am now using another hand-me-down phone from my brother which has many other functions that I do not need as I only use my phone for sending text messages so any phone in working order will do. Let's see how long this 3 years old phone will last me.

P/S I love using hand-me-down items because in this way, I feel that I am doing my part in adhering to the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" motto.
Bye k618i! Hello HTC Kaiser!


  1. We do a lot of hand me downing and sharing around in my family and extended family. It is truly the way to go!

  2. Wow... Wish I could do that, it's the noble way to go... unfortunately most common cause of death of my cellphones is me dropping them in the sea when I take the dog out for a swim :P

  3. Hi Jamie, It sure is, isn't it?

    Ha ha Aileen, I can imagine all your "dead" cell phones resting in peace at the bottom of the sea. Go get a waterproof one so that you can fish it out from the sea and continue to use it! :)