Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I often buy items that need assembling and will assemble them myself. For bigger items, I seek the help of my spouse. This is one activity that both of us enjoy doing together. As it requires us to work as a team, it brings us closer to each other. So far, we have assembled many items such as cupboards, tables, sofa beds, chairs, kitchen cabinets and trolleys.

Once we had a very difficult time trying to fix two cabinets with doors to a free-standing kitchen console according to the step-by-step instructions given in the guide but we did not give up. In the end, we had to rearrange the steps to get the job done.

So if you have run out of things to do with your spouse, why not try assembling some items together?

A recent small item that I assembled on my own



  1. Nice! That's what we often do together too. What you plan to put in this?

  2. I haven't tried assembling any furniture with my husband but we do, on occasion, put dinner together as a team. :)

  3. ahh... good job! we did one of that too. :) One useful piece of furniture.

  4. Try assembling the bed frame, you will sweat! hheheh;)

  5. We did that two weekends ago and I pretty much played a "sidekick" role. :)
    Not really a person for assembly though. That's why I went to the charity shop nearby to pick out two tables and carried them home instead.

  6. You guys are much better at assembly-teamwork than us... Our "teamwork" is he insists on assembling the whole thing by himself, gets all hot and bothered, I clear the dog and child out of the apartment while he goes nuts. Occasionally we may then switch roles. :D

  7. Hello there Jenn, light and small items like key chains, old keys and etc go in and stay there.

    Hi Jamie, wow! so your super spouse does cooking as well. So nice!

    Redbabe, thanks!

    Elizebeth, we have not tried a bed before, only sofa bed but putting the cabinets into the kitchen console was really a killer - sweat big time!

    Hiya Miracle8, you managed to carry two fully assembled tables home!? Must be something.

    Hi Aileen, Yours is also considered "teamwork". :) Cos without the other person entertaining the Rockstar and JD, the assembling work will not get done, right? :) But what if the assembling work needs two persons as it sometimes does?

  8. Elizebeth, hehehe, I think I read your other blogger friends calling you that.

  9. you know i searched my memory and don't remember having anything requiring 2-person assembly that was not done by the people who sold us the stuff themselves :P

    It's no extra charge for us to get them to do it, and in fact majority of our furniture (except a few pieces to "spice it up") actually costs less than Ikea furniture - quite good quality actually, Hk company but they do the sourcing from China...

    My hub is really NOT a handyman, it's safer to get them to do it especially with a little kid and dog jumping on things :D

  10. Mun... I'm about to mention your blog on mine, if you prefer I don't do this then please tell me asap!

  11. Thanks Renaye!

    Hi Aileen, It's ok with me. Thanks!