Thursday, November 3, 2011


Look at what I found in my plant pot - yellow mushrooms!

Details about them (from searching the web):

Name: Lepiota lutea or Leucocoprinus birnbaumii
Edible: No, they are poisonous.
Precaution: Although the mushrooms do not harm the plant in the pot, if there is a danger of small children or pets eating them accidentally, they need to be removed from the pot.

As I have neither in my household, I let the yellow mushrooms be.


  1. Nice of u to let us know that yellow mushroom is not eatable....nice to see again..

  2. I have friends who can tell the difference between poisonous and edible mushrooms and even go mushroom hunting! An interesting hobby.

  3. Hello "ME N MY MILLION DOLLAR", nice to see your comments here again. :)

    Hehe, Elizebeth, I think I will look into the pot again to see if I can spot any blue smurfs.

    Oh Jamie, how I wish I could tell the difference with just one look and go mushroom hunting because I just love to eat all sorts of edible mushrooms.

  4. To answer your question about "Fast Five." The movie was a lot more entertaining than I expected. No moral of the story or deeper meaning, but entertaining definitely. :)

  5. Those are really nice mushrooms! Should definitely leave them in the pot as part of the decor.

  6. Nice !!! Yours were really rounded and cute! The ones that used to grow in my petunia were skinny :p Was just bout to take picture of new batch of mushroom sprouting in another pot. Will share that soon too.! A friend says, there is meaning to sprouting mushrooms. Hmmm... any idea?

  7. Thanks Jamie for replying here. Entertaining is good - movies are supposed to be entertaining, not to cause brain damage by being deep.

    Yes Aileen, the bright yellow colour is nice to look at.

    Redbabe, no, no idea at all. I don't know the meaning to it. If you find out, can you please let me know too? Are your mushrooms yellow too or are they the edible types? Looking forward to your post about them.