Thursday, November 24, 2011


When my family and I dine out, we make it a point to try different cuisines so a few days ago, we ended up 20km (about 13 miles) away from our home just to eat at this restaurant that serves Middle Eastern food.

Two of us ordered the set meal (a plate of Kabsa or Mandy rice with a piece of chicken, a bowl of vegetable soup and a glass of iced lime tea or syrup) priced at MYR9.90 nett.

A small pot of Arabic tea with mint (MYR6) and two glasses of iced lime tea.

Left: Special chili sauce. Right: Vegetable soup.

Left: Mandy chicken rice. Right: Mandy rice (MYR5)

Left: Kabsa chicken rice (the piece of chicken was hidden underneath all those rice).
Right: Madghoud Lamb rice (MYR 18).

Tagine Musaq'ah with lamb meat, fried eggplant and fragrant chili served with bread. (MYR 17)

All in all a delicious and satisfying meal. Not to mention affordable too (total bill for 4pax: MYR68.20)


  1. Oh man! That looks sooooooo good! Now I'm super hungry!

  2. Mun, u make me hungry!

  3. Everything looks so delicious!!! I've never tried Middle Eastern food before. Gonna give it a go!

  4. Sorry Jamie and Elizebeth for making both of you hungry. I myself want to go and eat at the same place again after looking at these photos.

    Hello M, if you like the aroma of spices like tumeric and cardamom, you'll like to eat Middle Eastern food.

  5. That really looks amazing...and even more amazing is the price!!

  6. Hi Aileen, so amazing that I went back for more, hehehe!