Friday, April 16, 2021

How long if at all

removed 90% so will it still grow? 


Friday, February 5, 2021

Day 4 CK Eat Mold Mould

 Went out to ck to tkwy cfdmihun 8, 3jc mihun 6d5, hailamchar 2d6, 1 egg tart 2d2.

912 - ate two kaya buns before go out tkwy. Not as nice as ai tot. Too sweet? Or too hurried?

1024 my portion of cfd mihun.

1310 - kfc chicken meat n nl vege. Ate all except tofu cook red.

1400 - keep this in the fridge.

1430 -- ate all mcd curly fries n two cheese chili balls, still 2 cheese chili balls remaining for next day.

1725 - ate two before notice the whites so all 9 gotta tanam.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Day 3 vege meal mcd dropoff

Day 3 of www dot pbhall org

0704 - pepper pork stomach mihun MYR 8 from billion shop bot previous day wed 4.2.21
1009 maiportion prkppr soup mihun with previous day tomato beans and purple sweet potatoes mash, vege shepherd
1347 today vege dish - tofu potatoes rendang n quinoa colourful salad.

1450 ish ssgycp, ssg fruits n dropoff walls strawberry ice n walls Neopolitan without choc cos finish

1624 Thai chili fish burger with less spicy mayo but still burnt inner mouth
1654 fast fast food kfc n mcd
Two share mcd orange pie
1805 two share mcd apple pie
2025 so late deliver mika 2x2 cans pineapple rolls n pineapple balls

Monday, February 1, 2021

Dlvry vege order bk

 Eat food in fridge, order 11 days of 24 meals till 15feb2021, order delivery bk cos he shows 20% off for rm15 purchase.

752 - not my breakfast pork yee mee from swee Heng MYR 7 bought on Saturday 30.1.21 with some soup remaining for tomorrow's breakfast frozen jiaozi.

1137 - lihong salted steamed chicken rice bought on Saturday 30.1.21 that should be about MYR 7 ish. Source too salty so froze it.

1154 - ate mshare of yimi n a bit of salted steamed chicken

1504 - htried cornetto oreo. Said the white tastes milky so cannot take it so I had to eat it. I just taste sweet, too sweet, no milk. He ate 3 oreo choc n choc cornetto n says choc cornetto got freezer taste.

1516 - ate mcd raspberry cheese pie bought on thu 21.1.21 cos it has been in the fridge for 11 days. Very very soft cos all the cheese n raspberry jam soaked into the crust.

He showed me bk fdpnd 20% off for MYR 15 sales so bought tendercrisp chicken thigh for him. Bought just a cheese burger for own.

1855 - ate the cheese burger with two slices of rainbow sprouted bread.

1749 - he said it looks a bit burnt.

1749 - he ate tendercrisp, batter is spicy n too much mayo n mayo is not cold so feels a bit yucky.

1629 - ate the fries. Fatter than mcd but he says still dry. No sauce given which I like.

1606 - received bk

Bought 457.28 of 24x21 eq 504 so 18% off for over 500 bought. 11days x 4 per trip is 44 from tomorrow till 15.2.21 for vege. Pbha my htl chr dv. Avg 19.0533

5ish in the wee morning buy
1. 4tins yongsheng cookies for pg 10xdx
2. Kngstn cw flshdrv 89
3. Pg gh tambun 24 for 18ish x 2 so around 40ish
4. 2sets of 2tins pineapple rolls n pineapple balls 68ish each so 2sets is around 140ish

Wonder all these when will get.

Friday, January 1, 2021


It is year 2021 now! I am going to record my daily food intake here.

Bought this at 711 bandar Sri permaisuri. Not very spicy when eaten a few days later.

7.59 am - morning not my breakfast of mihun in Chok Kar Chong pork ribs with pork stomach in pepper soup. After that went to tmn desa and bdr Sri permaisuri to buy bk sundae pie.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Hello 2020

Was at Midvalley Mall early at 9.11 am and the shops have yet to be opened at 10 am so took a photo with the Xmas decor 2019 which has not been removed yet.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

3rd eyelid

Still so thin after a few meals. Don't like to drink water. Only will drink when very, very, very thirsty.

A noticed the 3rd eyelid during yesterday evening. Hope the 3rd eyelid will retract else need to bring to vet to treat. A did not notice them when he cleaned her face on Mon 29 Jul 2019 (date is approximate). A dropped food into post box on Tue 30 Jul 2019 (phol). Wed 31 Jul 2019 morning feed 2 tablespoons and go breakfast. Then back from breakfast, another tablespoon so maybe too much food. 

The inner eyelid of cats--more properly called the palpebra tertia but also known as the nictitating membrane, third eyelid or "haw".