Friday, May 21, 2010

Balls, balls, balls everywhere

For the past one week, my spouse and I have been kicking a football, virtually that is. We have just finished playing one round of 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament on PS3. For the group stage, with 4 teams in 8 groups, we played 48 matches to get to the Round of 16 where we played 8 matches to get to the Quarter-finals where we played 4 matches to get to the Semi-finals where we played 2 matches to get to the World Cup Final. So we played a total of 62 matches over one week which means I played around 7 to 8 football matches every night with my spouse until I was kicking balls in my dreams. For completeness, we even played the 3rd place match. At last, we reached the Final - which was between Brazil and Spain. My spouse was Brazil while I was Spain and Brazil won just because I kicked an own goal :( but anyway I am hoping that Brazil will win this 2010 World Cup for real!

So with HD on Astro, we are all ready to stay up at 2.30am to watch all the matches in June 2010. Just can't wait!


  1. Whoa! You and your spouse really are into the football fever. Haha! Way to go!

    It's rare to find a wife who is into football too. I don't have the interest. Luckily, my hubby doesn't too. Hehe!

  2. Hello Jennifer, you and your spouse really are so compatible :) - both love gadgets and not into football. My sister and I started watching football when we were children with my late father and have always loved watching the football matches ever since!

  3. my astro service is still currently not to watch world cup???