Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

My dearest mother,
Nothing I do can ever repay you for all that you've done for me
Nothing I say can really express how deeply I love you
All I can do now is to be there for you always
All I can say now is "I love you, have a Happy Mother's Day!"


  1. (on behalf of your mother)
    My dearest daughter,

    All that I've done for you, I do it with my heart
    All the love I shower upon you, it's never yet enough.
    All I ever wish for you, is for you to be happy
    All I want to say is "I love you, without any boundary!"

    Love, your (impersonate) mother

    (p/s: can or not, my reply poem? Arrgh!!! need to vomit liddat anot? can la, can la.

    Don't angry ahh... I impersonate your mom, I know mothers in the world are irreplaceable one!)

  2. Dear Gargles,

    Your poem will touch all daughters' heart,
    Especially your own,
    So be sure to let her read,
    This poem from your heart.

    (p/s, no need to vomit lah. Wah, I didn't know you write poems so well. Can you write one for your sons too.)