Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today is the 7th day of CNY. It is known as "人日" (人:people, 日:day). From what I gather, according to one of the many Chinese legends about the creation of the world, the world was created by 女娲 (Nuwa - a goddess) and on the 7th day, she created human beings. Therefore, the 7th day is known as mankind's day or mankind's birthday.

For dinner today, I went over to my mother's place and we ate a homemade modified version of 鱼生 (鱼: fish, 生:raw, Yusheng , yee sang), a raw fish salad. We did not include any raw fish slices in our version. Our dish consists of shredded apples, chinese pears, yam beans, japanese cucumbers, carrots, daikons, pineapples; slices of pickled ginger; crushed peanuts; sesame seeds; pomelos (flesh); cornflakes; fish crackers; plum sauce and sesame oil.

I had only this dish for dinner and it was enough for me. So maybe I'll eat this dish minus the oil, cornflakes, fish crackers and plum sauce for dinner every night.

The dish before the "tossing" starts
The "tossing" in progress - mix 'em all up!
Flesh of a pomelo - my contribution: I cut the pomelo and remove its flesh


  1. It looks yummy Mun. Always love Yee Sang with fish or without. Just love its tangy sweet and sour taste!