Saturday, February 12, 2011

A delightful find

While cleaning the house recently, I came across a long-forgotten item. I couldn't even remember its existence so it was a surprise when I found it. It was a handmade Valentine's Day card given to me 18 years ago by my then one-and-only boyfriend (now my spouse).

Looking at it, I wonder what would it take for him to hand make a card for me this coming Valentine's Day. Showing him the card, I asked him this question and he told me jokingly that he hired someone to make the card for him then. I know it is not true because I can recognise his handwriting. He even painstakingly wrote
all along the edges of the card. Like me, he also does not remember anything about this card at all.

After being together for 19 years 3 months 1 week and 5 days, I honestly do not expect nor want a meticulously handmade card from him anymore because our love for each other has grown and moved past this stage. Now, we focus more on mutual respect, open communication and acceptance of each others' shortcomings without wanting to change each other.

So for this coming Valentine's Day, we won't be going out for any meals. We will just eat a simple dinner at home, enjoy watching a movie together in the comfort of our sofa-bed and share a heart-to-heart talk before calling it a day.

To those who love and those who are loved, may all of you enjoy a Happy Valentine's Day on 14 Feb 2011!

P/S Although I aim to keep my belongings to a minimal because I do not want to become a hoarder, I'm glad that I kept the card because it does bring back such fond memories of the time when we were young and love struck. So I am putting the card back into my "sentimental treasure box" so that I can look at it again when I am old and grey.

So are you a keeper or a thrower when it comes to things like cards and sentimental gifts?


  1. I agree too that love and respect are key for a long lasting happy relationship and life long partnership.

    I am happy that we are blessed with one.

    Your not-so secret admirer

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you mun. :)

    It is indeed sweet to be able to walk back to that memory lane of sweet memories.. :)

  3. Hiya A, glad to hear that you are blessed with one too. Keep it up! :)

    Thanks Gerry. Hope you have a good day on that day too! Sweet memories, ah, what would we do without them.

  4. Never celebrate this day for many donkey years. Only when courting. Hahaha
    Besides, think it's for businesses to make money. Flowers cost more. Dinners in restaurants cost more. Etc etc.
    It's just another day for us. Don't even feature in our minds. So no wishing each other Happy Valentine's Day! So unromantic hor?.

  5. Aiya NomadicMom, you and your other half is romantic in other ways mah, always go travel all around the world two by two, lovey dovey. :)

  6. Happy Valentine!

    You reminded me that I once received a very special postcard from my hubby during our first few months of 'pak toh'. I think I should blog about it for memory sake. Haha...

  7. Thanks Jennifer! Yes, please blog about it. Store the memory online forever. :)

  8. I am a hoarder! :P Have kept all the cards that hubby gave me since the beginning of time. We used to just give each other cards on V day because it is quite commercialized. This year however he surprised me a day earlier with lunch at Frankie's Criterion- if you and yours come to London one day I highly recommend it.

  9. Hi miracle8, did all your cards go to London with you? Must feel warm reading all of them one by one. Thanks for the recommendation, will look it up if we ever visit London.

  10. Hehe yes they all came with me to London. Been a long journey!
    Going to find more foodie places as and when I can. London has a lot to offer.

  11. Miracle8, true, true, please enjoy London as much as you both can. I so want to visit London again but due to current commitments can only do so after 5 years, perhaps.