Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday dim sum

My spouse woke me up at 7.30am today to go to eat dim sum so I got up but was quite bad-tempered as I am not a morning person. Got to the dim sum place (6.6km drive) at about 8am and the place was quite full but we managed to get a table.

I took photos of all the dishes we ordered so that I could remember what we had eaten but somehow left out a bowl of congee. We did not order any fried items as I wanted to refrain from eating oily food. The bill came up to RM54.60 inclusive of 6% government tax and 5% service charge. The dim sum dishes were categorized as small (RM 3.6), medium (RM4) and big (RM4.5) and we had 1 pot of tea (RM 1.5 per person), 2 small, 3 medium and 6 big dim sums but we did not ask which is which, we just sort of guess.

Overall, the savoury dim sums are a bit too salty and the pork taste is a bit too strong for me but my spouse said his bowl of century egg, salty duck egg, and lean pork meat congee is nice. No second visit for me.We ate the following:

L: Steamed prawn dumplings (4.5) R: Steamed pork ribs (4.5)
L:Chives pork dumplings (4.5) R: Steamed pork dumplings (siew mai - 4.5)
L:Lotus glutinous rice (4.5) R:Scallop prawn dumplings (4.5)
L:Red bean pao/buns (3.6) R: BBQ pork (char siew) pao/buns (3.6)
L: Fish paste balls (4) R:Glutinous chicken rice (lo mai kai - 4)
Restaurant 錦選


  1. we used to go there, until we found somewhere else cheaper and got aircon and tastes just as nice. Ban that kuchai lama joint already.

  2. Quick, quick gargles, tell me where is your secret dim sum place? Must be way better than this place since I find this place not nice wor..

  3. went to one same dimsum shop like the one u went to, same kind of coloured dimsum basket, but in Damansara Jaya (Atria), sucks too. No second time either.

  4. Redbabe, could be one of their branches that you went to in DJ. They have around 5 branches in Klang valley.

  5. Looks quite good what.
    Looks can be deceiving, eh?

  6. Since when meal also got government tax?? Did I go away that long already?

  7. Hi NomadicMom, actually it is not that bad because some people actually like them very much until they can expand to 5 branches. Just that I am more accustomed to less salt, less sugar and less "taste" food, hehe.

  8. Elizebeth, the government tax is more known as service tax. Used to be 5% but increased to 6% last year. Been implemented for quite many years already and only restaurants with an annual sales turnover of RM150,000 to RM500,000 (I think) need to pay this service tax.

  9. I went to try a new dim sum place in Greenwich yesterday and was really disappointed. The glutinous rice with chicken had barely any chicken in it, and brace yourself- the yam croquette (wu kok) had nothing inside. Empty croquette, we asked the waiter if we were only going to be served the "shell" without the filling. He looked at us and then, to his credit, apologised and got the kitchen to dish a new plate to us a few minutes later.
    Definitely not going back to this place- didn't even bother taking photos. Will be on the hunt for new dim sum haunts...

  10. Miracle8, oh dear, how could the person making the wu kok have forgotten to put fillings inside it. Imagine if the person eating it didn't know that it is supposed to have fillings, the person would think badly of chinese dim sum. In London, I have only eaten dim sum at Royal China, Canary Wharf. Usually I eat dim sum at China Palace in Reading.