Monday, May 16, 2011

Donnington Castle 2000

Time to reminisce - one weekend in Aug 2000, we visited a ruined medieval castle situated north of Newbury, Berkshire. Details about Donnington Castle can be found at the English Heritage website.

We left home passing by our neighbour's house with its lovely garden
We passed through narrow roads lined with tall trees
We had to walk a short distance to reach the remains of the castle
Posing in front of the gatehouse of Donnington Castle 
The view from the site of the castle


  1. That must have been such a FUN vacation! I'd love to be in that setting and see castles. You're so lucky!

  2. Such great peaceful place...I love it when you must do it more often and show me more places...Hehe!

  3. Hi Jamie, I love to visit medieval castle so I am really thankful to get to live in UK for 4 years.

    Hi Jennifer, will do a post a month just for you! :)

  4. ah.. this reminds me of needing a break.

    RYC: yes... i'm a unit trust agent. r u interested to be richer? =P

    RYC: well 'doing what i love and earning enough' should make me happy but not when i have people relying on me... even so ... the pay and expenses don't balance in my book. though i'm aware there would never be enough money to satisfy me, but it is painful when i don't even have money to buy things such as a pair of shoes when i haven't been shopping for over a year? the money i have is just enough to survive, but not for necessity items.

  5. Wow... don't think I've ever been to a real castle... maybe when my son is older... right now it's all been Where Cows and Pigs and Ducks and maybe Penguins live :P

  6. Hi Aileen, yes when Rockstar is older, I believe he would love exploring real castles with you since he is a smart and inquisitive boy. :)

    Hi Renaye, perhaps you could take a short break with cuti-cuti Malaysia?