Sunday, May 1, 2011

Substitute dog carer

Taking care of two thirteen years old dogs requires the carer to have lots of love for them. According to this "Dog Age Calculator", if our dogs were human they would be around 80 years old so their diet needs extra care. Twice a day, they are fed Eukanuba dog food that have to be soaked to soften the kibble. In addition to that, they are also fed steamed rice with shredded chicken breast meat and the whites of hard boiled eggs.

Now that my brother who takes care of them is away on his well deserved vacation, a substitute dog carer has been appointed. Her daily activities include feeding the dogs twice a day; scooping their poo and flushing the poo down the toilet; brushing their teeth with special dog toothpaste; and hosing down the dogs' "urinal". As the dogs are confined to a large area where they can run around freely, she does not need to walk them but the teeth brushing and poo disposal tasks are enough to keep her fully occupied. Further to that she needs to take care of the eleven year old cat too so she really has her work cut out for her.

My brother insists that the dogs' teeth are brushed daily and the poo are flushed down our toilet. Searching for other ways to dispose the poo, I googled and found this guide with the title "What to Do with Doggy Doo". Guess my brother is right, one of the responsible and correct ways to dispose the poo is to flush it down the toilet. So how do you dispose your dogs' poo?

Sleepy cat
P/S I am just the companion to the substitute dog carer because I just do not have what it takes to take on this important role.


  1. Hey my mum who lives in Penang does that too for her 2 dogs! But not the teeth brushing... JD our border collie only "goes" outside, which is common in HK (where we live) because of your average cramped apartment... Oh, and you get fined about HKD 5,000 if you don't clean it up..

  2. Hello Aileen, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I assume in HK, trash cans are provided for you to throw the bag containing "doggie gold" after you have cleaned it up. Is this correct?

  3. Interesting, clap, clap and thumps up to you, not many can take that job, some will scream and ran when they see pee n poo...

  4. Hello "ME N MY MILLION DOLLAR", no, not me. My sister is the one who deserves all the credit. Thanks, I will let her know about your comment.