Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My brothers and sister-in-law just came back from visiting my 94 years old grandmother who lives in Taiwan. They brought back some gifts for me. One of them is an ocarina, a musical wind instrument that is somewhat like a recorder. I will learn to play a simple song on it. For a start - I am working on playing "Twinkle twinkle little star". It is quite challenging as the ocarina is small and sometimes there is a need to cover only half a hole. Nevertheless, I will try to do it.
The ocarinas that they bought
My mother who is still in Taiwan has requested them to pass to me two packets of soft chewy date walnut nougats which I love to eat when young. She always buy them for me whenever she visits her mother. It has been many years since the last time I ate them. I did not even buy them the few times that I was in Taiwan because I have totally forgotten about them. This time I asked her to get some for me so that my spouse can have a taste of them. I like eating those that are not so sweet and I hope my spouse will like them too.

date and walnut nougats


  1. Actually she will be 95 come this September.

  2. How awesome! I've never even held an ocarina before. Good luck learning to play on it! Thank you for your sweet words on why you read my blog. Made me smile!

  3. I didn't know ocarina can really play a full song's music... wow...

    They really do look unique :)

  4. Hiya Jamie, thanks and you're welcome! Love reading your blog.

    Elizebeth, yes, they can play a full song but not those elaborate songs.

  5. The ocarina is just amazing, you should maybe display them - they are like art and have personal meaning for you! (and it doesn't hurt that they really look so cool too!) I don't think I've ever held one too

  6. Hi Aileen, thanks for your suggestion to display them. Yes, they are really a work of art - they are available in cute animal shapes too.